A few days ago we received a phone call from our host hotel The Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport, that they were unable to host the event due to some emergency construction that was going to close the ballroom for three months. With their help, we have secured another hotel, the beautiful 16 Floor Ramada Plaza Hotel Capital Square, in Downtown Atlanta. All room reservations that were made through The Sheraton Gateway are being transferred to The Ramada Plaza and any deposits made are being refunded by The Sheraton Gateway. All who booked within the DomCon room block will receive an email from The Sheraton Gateway informing them of this.

Due to the inconvenience, The Ramada has agreed to discount the standard rooms to $90/night. All in the Sheraton Gateway room block will get the new rate. If you have not yet booked your room, you may still do so by calling the Ramada Plaza and saying you are in the DomCon Group.

Ramada Plaza Atlanta
Downtown Capitol Park
450 Capitol Avenue SW,
Atlanta, GA 30312

To book a room
Say you are booking your room for DomCon
Rooom rate $90/night

This hotel has been a pleasure to work with over the past few days making this transition palatable. The staff has been friendly and helpful, and are happy to have us. There is more than enough space for DomCon and there are some nice ameniteies such as free internet and a rooftop pool. We feel this is going to be a great DomCon, and we look forward to seeing you there. We will be posting more info soon here on the NEWS page.

We recommend that you make your room reservation at the hotel ASAP. We have negotiated a $99/night rate, but it is only guaranteed through September 22nd, and that’s coming up really soon! After that date, the hotel is not obligated tp honor that rate and may charge whatever the prevailing rate is, which could be substantially higher

Welcome to the new DomCon web site. We are still doing some engineering on the site and will be updating the site with new features and photos that will make your visit to the site much easier and more enjoyable.

Registration is now open and attendees may register now and save $$$ with the “Early Bird” discounteed rate. Vendors wishing to attend may reserve a booth now as well for a chance for the best location on the exhibitor floor. We also recommend that you make your room reservation for your room at the hotel as well. We have negotiated a $99/night rate, but it is only guaranteed through September 22nd.